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  • Mr. Pushkar Jadhav

    Head-Human Resource
  • Pushkar Jadhav is currently heading the Human Resource function for AYN InfoTech. He is a Management graduate and a law professional. Manpower evaluation and planning, budgeting and implementation are his core expertise. He has worked in various domains viz. Automobiles, Banking and Finance and consulting in his previous assignments.

    Pushkar is really calm and not someone who gives up his temper very easily. While dealing with AYN employees, he makes the person feels comfortable and listens properly when it comes to voicing the concerns of staff. He follows his duties with full dedication.

    These are the facts about Pushkar Jadhav:

    • 1)He makes sure about a motivational environment in the organization
    • 2)With his clear communication, he ensures implementation of planned directions for people development within AYN
    • 3)Handles all employee benefit programs
    • 4)Pushkar facilitate the growth of the team members adequately
    • 5)He gives counseling and assistance to working employees at all levels
    • 6)He manages the entire recruitment life-cycle for on boarding the best fit talent from the industry

    Pushkar takes a dynamic role in helping AYN employees in shaping their careers. Instead of just grading member of staffs on a checklist of performance points, help them in identifying areas for improvement and build up definite action steps. He puts his best efforts while playing an integral part in the success of the company.

    The qualities describe him better as individual:

    • 1)Captivating presentation skills
    • 2)The capacity to multitask
    • 3)Handles all employee benefit programs
    • 4)Excellent communication skills
    • 5)Good sense of ethics
    • 6)Ability to motivate employees
    • 7)Brilliant leadership skills