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Use pre-made Layouts and Grow your Online Business

Do you have a business and don’t have a website?If you say yes, Then I must say you people are making use of digital techniques to stand out in modern era of internet. There are various website design companies who takes an advantage for the same.

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Killer Ways to Use Technology in Your Small Business

Growing any new or small business is way more complex. Although you may use a different kind of market tools or strategy, you have to put some efforts and invest quality time. Thanks to technology, due to which this toughest task has actually been made easier.

soft skills digital marketer

Most Killer Soft Skills for Successful Digital Marketer in 2018

Digital Marketing is now one of the booming careers globally, irrespective of their specializations. As the world changes, Digital Marketing also keeps on evolving and updating with the new trends and there are plenty of digital marketing companies who are ready to accept this challenge.

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Make Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Boost Your SEO Ranking

In order to be visible on the web, today, businesses use more and more SEO tactic to be rank on a top. One of the most important factors is the use of AI in SEO to help customers find better search results. Artificial Intelligence has been used in science and, medical and technologies for years and still be using it also it has the capability to do the same for SEO.

re-branding small business

Web Development Company, discusses about 5 Key Tips for Re-Branding your Small Business

Web design company in Pune, India, AYN, discusses 5 Key Tips for Rebranding your Small Business. Rebranding a business has turned out to be substantially more typical contrasted with only 10 years back. Businesses exceed their unique mission, their intended interest group changes, the market changes, or now and again a business needs to shake off an old or negative picture.

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How a Web Page can Empower Your Business in the Digital Age

The advent of Big Data has ushered online world into a new era of digital revolution. For small and medium sized businesses the internet is a fair and level playing field. Any business who doesn’t have an online presence can no longer survive in this digital age. Having a web page is not enough these days.

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Best Tools for Android Mobile Game Development You May Not Know

The evolution of Smartphone has transformed the gaming industry. The smartphone is currently the top three electronic items being sold and the number of user growing exponential every year by 2020 we would have more smartphones compared to earth human population.

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Bring Digital Marketing Persona-Rethinking Segmentation for the New Digital Consumer

When was the last time you re-defined your user persona? It’s estimated that around 67 percent of the companies who use digital marketing for revenue generation don’t define their user persona comprehensively.

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5 Questions Must Ask On Outsourcing Website Development Project

Website is an imperative marketing document and its development is one of the most crucial factors for your business growth. So you have to analyze critical factors before you select a web development company.

Advanced Web Development

Advanced Web Development Should Be The Future For UI/UX

In this era of digitization, digital marketing plays an important role. Brands that want to establish themselves in the market can connect to various SEO companies globally that offer a wide range of digital solutions, ranging from website development, iOS development, cloud computing, etc.

Advanced Web Development

Keep Users in the heart of Web Development with UI/UX Design

AYN Infotech is the web development and digital marketing Company that has successfully helped thousands of companies raise and promotes their business. We know from our large experience the value of developing websites that attract to visitors, hold those leads and switch them into our valuable clients.

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Web Design Strategies to Earn Audience Trust First Sense Matter

If visitors search for web design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, or Software Development company in Pune. So, your website is well designed and developed and its place on top of search results where audience visit there and go to your website to knows about you. These things clear that your business is relates to audience or not they can trust you by knowing your business.

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Benefits of UI on Designing Mobile Apps

User Interface (UI) and User experience (UX) are terminologies which go hand in hand for all types of releases in field of Web Development, Website Designing, Android App Development and Game Development as well. Imagine an application you use with no design, no look and feel? Will you really feel comfortable using it?


June 2018

android app development

Different Stages of Android App Development Life Cycle

Based on a survey on mobile users, smart phone users spend their maximum, almost 90 percent of mobile time on apps. Many other survey show that the reign of mobile app is growing promptly as there is an increase in development of more apps. When looking for developing a new mobile app, one should make a master plan and strategy to make the application development lifecycle effective. Determination of a unique app to its implementation, an android development company needs emerging tools and technology to market and increase the brand value.


June 2018

ways to improve technical SEO

New Ways to Use Technical SEO: An essential entity, Not a Choice

Well, when we talk about existing methods and terminologies about digital marketing, we can often end up thinking about Digital Marketing. Have you ever thought what digital marketing is? How is it different from traditional marketing? Digital marketing is just not branding your products or services; it is all about creating a value for it. With the evolving world, we need to evolve our strategies too. Let us first know, what were the methods implemented and what made them fade away with due course of time.


June 2018

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Development of Web Design in your way by Web Development Experts, AYN!

In a broad context, Web Development is associated with website development, web designing, and web content development; web scripting, web testing, networks, configuration and hosting it via the internet. Web Development is also known as Website Development; as it is all about creating applications which will run on a web browser. AYN InfoTech is a Web Development Company in Pune, which is one of the best choices to get your web developer


June 2018


How Should You Optimize Your Facebook Page?

We have known with the fact that Facebook is most widely used Social Media platform by businesses. And yes why not. There are a lot of gripes about Facebook lately. Moreover, There is 1.19 billion user who uses Facebook as a platform for promoting their business, Facebook pages help you grow your relationship with the customer. About 74% of Facebook users say that they visit this site on daily basis.


May 2018

Campaign Marketing

Whats The Next Fate Of Campaigns Marketing?

Promoting Automation and its application in B2C and B2B spaces alike has been an energizing new administration territory for us.The possibility of client engagement at customary interim of time has been around since the times of mailers and inventories.


May 2018


Digital Marketing: The New Era of Connecting Businesses

AYN Infotech is a top Digital Marketing Company in Pune, offering Internet Marketing, SEO, PPC, Social Media with latest online updates. We can help you in your Business growth online.


June 2017

increase Ecommerce Web traffic & sales

Increase Ecommerce Sales In No Time !

For an entrepreneur, the biggest worry is how to attract traffic to his site and increase ecommerce sales, in order to earn profit. If you want to maximize your sales, you have to know your users, your competition and your industry, and use that knowledge to your advantage!


July 2017

Mobile friendly website

It’s High Time You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile web have overtaken tasks traditionally carried out on desktops and laptops in terms of number of users, searches and purchases. The frequency with which the mobile users are increasing globally i.e. over half of web traffic is on mobile, they are no longer afraid to make purchases on their phones.


September 2017


Everything you wanted to know about Cloud Computing

Since the introduction of internet has changed the way business was conducted, it’s a thing of past, when you were accessing your data and programs on your PC only. It’s high time for the business to switch onto cloud computing.


October 2017


STATIC vs DYNAMIC WEBSITE - Which One Will Suit Your Business?

The type of website you choose for your business plays a very crucial role in determining the strength and effectiveness of your business.


December 2017


Latest Trends in IOS App Development for Developers

Apple is a leader of bringing about change. It has constantly focused on upcoming trends in iOS app development. The latest trends in IOS App Development have tightened their grip on the enterprise and commercial markets. Some of these are highlighted below.


January 2018


What is Automation Marketing & Its Tools?

The Marketing department in various organizations has to repeat activities such as sending emails, posting on social media, and performing some actions related to websites. Software has been developed to automate these marketing tasks.

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