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AYN InfoTech Re-Shaping Healthcare Industry By Blockchain-Powered Cedar Healthcare

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AYN InfoTech offers Cedar Healthcare application, a techno-driven application that uses advanced methodologies and strategies to provide better patient care. It is the only blockchain secured application in India that stores medical data in an encrypted format. They have taken the healthcare industry to the next level by providing ample facilities. It is a big chance if you want to know how technology can bring revolution to the healthcare industry.

Cedar Healthcare is the first blockchain-based healthcare software in India that stores medical data on the blockchain using hyper ledger technology. The Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is an electronic version of the patient's medical data maintained and available at times.

AYN InfoTech as leverage blockchain technology, with which they store medical data like doctor prescription, medical reports, and other critical medical data in an encrypted format. This medical data is stored in the blocks, and each block is connected via validating nodes that validate each transaction, maintain the ledger and runs a consensus, which is BFT consensus protocol.

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The major revolution that Cedar Healthcare brings to the Healthcare industry:

A. Maintain Proper Medical Data Globally

The patient medical data is stored at multiple hospitals, pathologies, and pharmacies. Blockchain stored all the data in chronological order and connected them by segregating information accordingly. The stored data is accessible anytime and from any location.

AYN InfoTech, with its revolutionizing product has let the healthcare industry overcome the challenges of patient data unavailability.

Only authorized users have access to patient's medical data and this helps doctors to treat patients with correct care service.

B. Bridge Gap Between Insurance Industry and Healthcare Industry

AYN InfoTech has integrated insurance companies, pharmacies, hospitals, and pathologies on a single Cedar Healthcare platform. This benefits patient who lacks awareness and knowledge regarding health insurance and how it can benefits.

The important thing is the cedar platform automatically notifies the insurance company if the patient is eligible for the benefits. Many times, patients do not claim such benefits, but Cedar healthcare notifies each sector automatically.

C. Borderless Data Sharing

Cedar Healthcare has made data sharing among healthcare providers easily, keeping security as the first concern. With blockchain security, only authorized users can view the patient data and make changes if they are authorized.

The changes made in medical history is updated throughout. These changes are further viewable to other healthcare users.

Now, it is not mandatory to carry your report and medical document wherever you go. Patients need to know the id, and the whole medical history and medical condition are accessible to the doctor.

D. Better Digital Communication

Cedar Healthcare has provided various communication channels like video calling, messaging, and simple phone calling. This enables doctor communicates with other healthcare users and has contact details visible, which help them understand the patient medical condition more concisely.

The nurse can update all the health data when the patient is admitted to the hospital concisely on the application, which keeps the doctor updated with the medical health condition of the patient.

Why is blockchain used in Cedar Healthcare?

AYN InfoTech mentioned that Blockchain has immense capabilities and is the only platform that combines on-chain big data, HIPPA, NIST, AND GDPR compliances.

It helps build a multidimensional profile, including people, place, and medical condition and summarizes all medical data like insurance claims, pharmacy, and other essential medical data.

Blockchain enables a secure platform and shares medical data securely throughout the globe.

Challenges Faced by the Healthcare Industry

A. Doctors come across many challenges while treating patients. Lack of medical condition awareness leads to the adverse effect of drug-drug interaction.

B. Due to lack of awareness, there was a high mortality rate of the patient due to incorrect treatment or false medical data.

C. Patient medical data was stolen and was stored in paper format. This increases the vulnerability of tampering with the data.

D. Patient never claims insurance as they are unaware of the fact.


AYN InfoTech has studied deeply the challenges the healthcare sector is facing. Cedar Healthcare seems a solution for better healthcare and services. Blockchain-based Cedar healthcare provides better amenities to healthcare providers as well as users. A digital platform to digitize the healthcare sector.