Healthcare Solution

What is

Healthcare Software is used to manage and retrieve health records, allowing patients to share it directly with other healthcare users. It enables doctors to document the consultation directly on the patient's health record, creating a more personalized experience for patients.

What does it do?

The healthcare system enables a patient-centric approach, value-based care, to enhance the quality of care. It provides organized data in chronological order to healthcare users to simplify the diagnosis process.

Hospital Management Software

Why Healthcare Software Matter?

  • Reduce medical diagnosis errors caused mainly due to the unavailability of medical data.
  • Helps identify hereditary diseases and disease patterns exhibited in a family.
  • Reduce unnecessary disabilities and premature deaths due to proper medical data insights.
  • Reduce fraudulent insurance claims and notifies patients when they are eligible for any insurance claims.
  • Make medical data accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Main Technologies

Cloud Base Software

Cloud-based Healthcare software enables healthcare users to update data anytime and anywhere.


Blockchain-based healthcare solution enhances the security of patient's medical records.

Data Science

Data Science and BI make it more patient-centric and offer a personalized experience by analyzing medical data.

Think What's Next?

Make Healthcare Service More Reliable and Secure.

AYN InfoTech offers custom healthcare solutions that focus on improving healthcare facilities and enhance the patient-centric approach. With detailed study and thorough knowledge, we designed Cedar Healthcare with the sole purpose of enhancing services by leveraging new technologies in the healthcare sector.