Bring Digital Marketing Persona-Rethinking Segmentation for the New Digital Consumer

31 / 07 / 2018 Era Of Digital Transformation Digital Marketing Persona

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When was the last time you re-defined your user persona? It’s estimated that around 67 percent of the companies who use digital marketing for revenue generation don’t define their user persona comprehensively. Companies define the user persona by single statement according to company objective for growth while not looking towards different consumer pain points or level of interaction with product/ service.

A user persona is the fictional representation of your end consumer considering different factors- age, objective, pain points, technology variation, and region. A user persona also includes the behavioral goals in regard to a problem.

If you’re a company who hasn’t already defined user persona or hasn’t re-defined user persona for a long time then this blog will give you with right structure to define your next user persona.

Information Gathering

Information or in better words we can say data; it is the new currency in the digital world. With different social media channels and blogs readily providing information on the given user. Information gathering would depend on which part of the user persona you would be working on- Whether the pain point is necessity or delight you can gather information.

Online survey

Online survey or your sales team can also help in analyzing the current pain points of the audience. Re-defining your user persona will help you to prioritize your current product development activities and also drive your digital marketing goals. Some of the best digital marketing strategies are developed around a user persona.

Adding Scenarios

Scenarios are the most well-defined storyline which can describe your user from the awareness stage to consideration stage to conversion stage. For example, if you want to create a storyline for the user who wants to order food online.

The first thing you look towards is what are situations when the user will order the food online.

  • House Party
  • Late nights

As an online food delivery system, you can give offers on products above a certain price range. Creating a good storyline helps in creating a defined user persona.

User Persona

User Persona is the base of the digital marketing program and a well-defined user persona will not only drive the growth but also pave the way for the organization to innovate. AYN infotech a digital marketing agency in Pune will help you in creating a defined user persona according to your business requirement.


AYN infotech creates a digital marketing strategy based on different how the user recreates on different channels, hence we create an SEO strategy and social media strategy.

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