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Aiming to enhance the user experience by leveraging technologies like big data and analytics.

Reclaiming Insurance by Digitalization


Digitalization has made insurers deal with new challenges due to the latest technologies and customers' technologically-driven demands. Insurance companies are facing significant challenges like lesser productivity, increase operational cost, fraudulent practices, and regulatory changes due to unawareness of digitalization. Moreover, technologies like IoT has changed the way the insurance company functions. Due to IoT, the insurance company has access to a large amount of customer data and can provide holistic pre-purchased and purchased information in an unstructured form.

AYN InfoTech delivers smooth, seamless insurance sales and service journeys to clients by leveraging elastic IT infrastructure and automation. Our insurance offering helps insurers rethink their strategies and approach for better productivity, better security, and decreased operational costs. We automate the complicated process to save time, increase employees' productivity, and use digital tools to understand customer-specific requirements better. We leverage a set of innovative technology platforms such as Robotics, Smart Connected device, NextGen App Architecture, and cognitive system to deliver digitally enables business processes and solutions.

What we provide?

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Pine CRM Software Services

Enhance Customer Loyalty with Pine CRM

Pine Customer Relationship Management Software manages customers, simplifies business processes, enhanced data management, and improves efficiency in customer interactions.

Pine CRM
Walnut ERP Software Services

Mitigate Losses and Streamline business flow with Walnut ERP

Walnut Enterprise Resource Planning Software decreases finance, time expense, and helps improve the efficiency of the pricing and budgeting process.

Walnut ERP