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AYN InfoTech is executing a focused and robust strategy to deliver superior value through capitalizing profitable growth opportunities in the expanding IT markets in various high growth sectors like Banking, life sciences, and healthcare through sustained efforts to build next-generation technologies.

How we Work with Clients

We are striving to become global leaders in implementing AI and ML-based solutions to complex problems in our focused industries. With a portfolio of technologies to empower customers from start to finish in the IT Industry, we are delivering superior value adds to the customers. In this challenging world, our approach is to help customers solve their most difficult and persistent problems using IT in a faster, better, and more efficient manner.

Over more than three years, we have built a unique competitive advantage for AYN InfoTech: deep relationships with customers across the continuum from academic research, to pharmaceutical development, to healthcare, diagnostics, logistics & Supply chain, Utilities, Mobility, Hospitality, Banking, and other applications. We partner with researchers and collaboratively create superior solutions and technologies, developing and commercializing promising applications and platforms for various Industry applications.

AYN InfoTech is committed to innovation in IT, through cutting-edge R&D at our excellence centers and targeted talent acquisitions that expand our presence in growing fields. We focus our resources to deliver growth in promising areas; We provide state-of-the-art, cost-effective workplaces that drive our idea of collaborative development and contribution towards society.

Geographically, AYN InfoTech has robust product portfolios and the desired talent pool. Our sales efforts are in major markets of North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific regions. We continue our efforts to expand in emerging markets, resulting in rapid growth in countries where IT spending is booming.

We nurture a highly talented global workforce and have robust governance at the executive and board levels. Our work culture values focus on solutions, accountability, and entrepreneurial decision making.

In accelerating AYN InfoTech's growth trajectory, we are steering the business to deliver operating leverage and enhanced profitability and shareholder value. AYN InfoTech is making a long-term difference in the world by creating a difference in the lives of all stakeholders customers, investors, employees, community, and vendors.

Corporate Governance

AYN InfoTech is the flagship company for AYN InfoTech Group of companies organized and registered under the laws of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs India. It is an unlisted Public Company headquartered in Pune, India. The Company is subject to laws, rules, and regulations, including such of the Republic of India. We have sister concerns registered in the UK and Dubai, and they abide by the rules and laws of their respective states.

AYN InfoTech has always placed the highest standards on its corporate governance principles. Since 2017, AYN INFOTECH has endorsed the recommendations of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and SEBI. It is the Company's policy to follow the guidelines for good practice of Corporate Governance as recommended by the authorities. We have placed various frameworks for the mode of operations about every department to ensure efficiency, quick response, risk mitigation, endurance during challenging market conditions, and finally, to improve shareholder value. We resolve to uphold our responsibility and accountability towards our investors, stakeholders, and the community to ensure sustainable growth and value creation.