5 Questions Must Ask On Outsourcing Website Development Project

30 / 07 / 2018 Web Design Client Web Design and Development Blog

outsourcing website development project

5 questions you should ask to any web development company

Website is an imperative marketing document and its development is one of the most crucial factors for your business growth. So you have to analyze critical factors before you select a web development company.

Recently, a consumer survey was conducted wherein they were asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 how they feel about a given website and how likely are they going to buy a product/ service from the company. After careful analysis of the answers, we concluded that a consumer would be more likely to buy a product if the website is creative and solve the customer problems. We further asked the consumer what was they like about the website? The most common answer was the look and feel, and second being how easily they can find your products/ service without having to find them.

Your consumer/ clients will be looking towards your website to convey your product/ service voice and reputation. So if you’re looking for web development company here are 15 factors you should go through.

1. What are the services you offer?

Most of the web development companies in Pune offer more than one service which includes web content development, digital marketing, offline marketing and e-commerce solutions differing from your website. If the company is good in one aspect of service it doesn’t mean they would also be able to provide a good service for other requirements. You have to be critical in analyzing the company portfolio and whether its defining your goals and objective.

2. What types of clients do you prefer?

Portfolio presented to you is important but you have to scrutinize difference between the portfolios. Whether the portfolio is for a company catering towards B2B or B2C. You have to understand the design/ development process of the web development company whether they cater towards B2B or B2C. Many web development company today have both types of client B2B and B2C but you have to lay down your resource requirement before you go ahead with web development.

3. Custom designing or templates for web designing?

Custom designed templates would depend on the complexity of your business objective and what business goal you wish to achieve through your website. Many e-commerce sites are made directly in custom templates as all of them have the same requirement in design. It would also depend on the cost of the website.

4. Competitor analysis and design decision-making

Website development is being more unique but also understand the current market. Most of the web development companies forget a critical factor when developing a website is to do a competitor analysis. Having a web development company which is imperatively analyzing all the website factors before starting a web development will be one of the growth factor. Design decision making is critical to make the user experience intuitive and fun.

5. Costing changes

It’s important that you make it clear before you sign any contract that how many changes would be allowed in the website flow. Most companies make a mistake of not including the clause for website change which creates a difference in opinion. You should also clear the air about the cost of any change, a web development company will have laid out the cost for any change in User Interface(UI) and User Experience(UX).


At AYN, we provide best of search engine optimization services and digital marketing. It might be sometime before you get an answer for the above questions but at AYN we provide the easy solution for all doubts. One of the critical factors we understand that most clients today feel the need for a personalized solution for web development according to the different business objective.

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