Core Banking Solution

CBS stands for Core Banking Solution and facilitates centralization of multi-branch operations through a reliable IT infrastructure designed on a secure system to allow customers to operate their accounts from any device and location.

Market Ready

A Core Banking Solution helps meet growing customer demands

Time Saving

Minimize the time required for the daily tasks in the bank


Make services more accessible and reliable for the customers

Increase Productivity

Helps increase productivity of employees and organization

Custom CRM

Manage your customers through CRM better than ever before

Better Decisions

Use of business intelligence tools to make better decisions


Why Oak ?

Oak is a core banking solution that can handle complex banking requirements. The solution is built to operate at maximum efficiency with minimum amount of resources. We provide our customers with customized products as per their requirements.

Helps manage banking services like savings, deposits and transactions from any location

Provides multi-platform support for accessing banking services

Ensuring data security through latest technologies like blockchain

Provides transaction management, payment processing services and account management


Who uses CBS ?

CBS is used by banks, financial and micro-financial institutes who are looking for smooth banking operations and customer management processes. A CBS is essential to a modern bank, and listed below are its major functionalities.

CBS helps meet growing demands of customers

CBS minimizes time required for mundane tasks in banks

CBS makes banking services more accessible and reliable for customers

CBS simplifies banking processes so that employees can focus on cross-selling, upselling and marketing

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