The New Era of HealthCare with Cedar

Cedar is a healthcare solution to maintain medical records on blockchain using Hyperledger. Cedar promises data security and complies with all standards and legal requirements for maintenance of medical data. Use of blockchain ensures immutability of data and hence the accuracy of Cedar's data. It also provides anonymized analytics for research purposes.


Why Cedar ?

Cedar simplifies diagnostic processes for doctors and patients. Cedar delivers a personalized experience for patients by managing their medical history and data. This data is available on-demand and secured through biometric authentication.

Proper data management of medical history

Automate mundane tasks through customized features

Give real-time updates about patient medical history

Data security implemented through blockchain technology


Why AYN Infotech ?

Our mission and vision inspire us to build better innovative products for bringing out the change in the healthcare sector. AYN InfoTech started in 2009 with a vision to provide world-class IT services and smart products across the world. We registered AYN InfoTech in the year 2017 and achieved great success by satisfying our esteemed customers.

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