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Walnut ERP is cloud-based business management software that helps companies easily manage processes like billing, accounting, warehouse, manufacturing, project management, and inventory management. Walnut Enterprise Resource Planning Software assists businesses of all sizes to manage mundane activities by effective interdepartmental communication.

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Features of Walnut ERP

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The latest technologies have empowered Walnut Enterprise Software Solution, which opens a world of new possibilities. We leverage new strategies along with technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Analytics to offer the best services to boost productivity and efficiency for the exponential growth of your organization.

  • Walnut is Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning Software mitigates upfront costs, manufacturing cost and provides instant data updates to all departments.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning provide better insights enabling enterprises to improve their operational efficiency and productivity.
  • IoT powered Walnut ERP Software boost production, provides better customer services and experience, easy interoperability, better connectivity within departments.
  • Data Analytics and BI tools analyse silos, colossal data in less time; offer deeper, more precise insights into operational inefficiency. It provides reports, KPIs and metrics.
  • Blockchain enables Walnut ERP Software to be a more reliable and secure platform by encrypting data and increasing the transparency within records.
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How Walnut ERP Enhances Various Industries?

Walnut ERP is a technological driven Enterprises Resources Planning Software that enables a smooth communication and information exchange securely within the organization. It improves inventory management, Supply Chain Management and Project Management.

  • It eliminates redundant data and communication lags among departments to increase productivity.
  • Increases efficiency through proper data integration, which eliminates duplicate data.
  • It enhances better service delivery to customers and helps build long term relationships.
  • It makes your complex business processes feasible by integrating departmental data.
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Why Customers Choose Walnut ERP?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The CRM module offers a systematic way to deal with customers, requirements, sales and marketing. It provides a proper methodology for recording customer transactions, leading to sales conversion processes, marketing campaigns, and outcomes. Walnut ERP software has customizable functions to automate mundane business processes, saving time, resources, and money. It executes multiple campaigns to get in touch with clients and prospects. It collects and segregates customers' data effectively and increases the productivity of the organization.

Financial Resource Management (FRM)

The inclusion of the Finance Resource Management module in the Walnut ERP System makes it perfect financing and accounting software that automates and streamlines the entire financial management process in any organization. It collects accounting data to generate advanced analytical reports. The FRM module enables you to efficiently manage your finances along with local tax regulations and provide segregated analysis to understand your financial views for each business module.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

The Supply Chain Management module is integrated with Walnut ERP to manage the supply chain cycle efficiently. Walnut ERP Software assists you in identifying potential issues or snags in the productions and distribution process. Real-time data insights is the main feature that helps monitor supply and filtering results, all with real-time visibility. Demand Forecasting plays a vital role in sales and marketing which predicts future demands for products or services. It increases the service level and reduces supply chain costs.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

The Human Resource Management module in the Walnut ERP System collects and stores all employee information, including recruitment, performance analysis, reviews or feedback, attendance, training, payroll, and exit interviews. The integration of the HRM module with the Walnut ERP software will provide you predictive insights on employee behaviour, which is further used to improve productivity. It increases efficiency as it bridges the gap between employees and management through effective communication.

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

The Manufacturing module, integrated with the Walnut ERP Software, analyses multiple operations such as requirements, recommendations, balances and inventory to execute the equipment requirement plans. The manufacturing module expedites the planning process to keep your plants running smoothly and deliver orders precisely on time. Manufacturing ERP Software helps you to plan material requirements and schedule production, balance inventory based on market demands and integrate all processes with finance and accounts.

Build your ERP as per your Requirements

Walnut ERP system simplifies your complex business management processes, unlocks new levels of performance and provides an exponential business growth. AYN InfoTech offers you integrable modules to achieve better, simpler and faster business processes.

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AYN InfoTech is a leading ERP Software Company located in Pune, Maharashtra. We provide users with unique business management solutions with integrated modules and mobile-ready features. Our ERP Solutions are hosted on the cloud, can be customized as per your requirements and scaled up as your business grows.