What is Automation Marketing & Its Tools?

Automation Marketing

The Marketing department in various organizations has to repeat activities such as sending emails, posting on social media, and performing some actions related to websites. Software has been developed to automate these marketing tasks. This software is called as Marketing Automation Software. The use of this software to provide useful, personalized content to prospects with the aim to convert them into clients, and this is called Automation Marketing.

Some Rules Regarding Automation Marketing

Automation Marketing makes it easier to do the following:

  • To plan customer engagement campaigns to ensure that current customers are happy and they come back again.
  • To select a narrow audience and mail them specific, highly targeted content.
  • To avoid sending broadcast messages to the entire contact list.
  • To combine the inbound marketing strategy with the Automation Marketing strategy
  • The areas where Automation Marketing can be applied are metrics and analytics, lead nurturing, lead generation, email marketing, management activities, and social media marketing.

Marketing Automation Tools That Can Alter The Business

- The most popular Marketing Automation Tool is called as Marketo. It has a huge and active knowledge base. This marketing automation software is moderately priced. It is regarded as a mature tool, which marketers use to handle email campaigns and Sales teams also find it useful. LaunchPoint is the marketplace of this Marketing Automation Tool.

- In the Marketing Automation world, Eloqua is a tool, which is compared with a Ferrari. Its special feature is that it invests considerable time in educating and assisting the customers to make optimum use of this Marketing Automation Software.

- A Marketing Automation Tool renowned for its flexibility is Customer.io. The distinction between this tool and the prior ones is that it can trigger emails based on occasions and not online visits. It has a brisk, individual client bolster. A critical trademark about this marketing automation software is its lightweight user interface.

- For small-sized businesses, a very efficient Marketing Automation Tool is Constant Contact. The advantage of this tool is that non-technical users can also leverage this tool. It is very simple to use and affordable.

- HubSpot is termed as an inbound marketing software. This implies that it has several tools, and one of these tools is Marketing Automation Software. The feature of this Marketing Automation Tool is that it is a jack of all trades and a master of none. If a business wants an all-in-one marketing tool that can provide the fundamental functionality of several marketing systems, HubSpot is the proper choice.

- If you want a Marketing Automation Tool that can handle communication over multiple channels, ExactTarget is the answer. This Marketing Automation Software can enable you to manage mobile app notifications and also messages to the car dashboard of a customer.

Myths Regarding Automation Marketing

- Some consider Automation Marketing as a spam. Another legend is that this procedure is to a great degree unoriginal. It gives the idea that advertisers are bantering with a lifeless thing. Many people consider this procedure as a lethargic technique to deal with the email campaigns or content publishing campaigns. Other surmise that this sort of automation is for email marketing only.

- However, all the above are false beliefs. The truth is that Automation Marketing is a very efficient process to guide potential customers by means of emails, websites, and social channels for generation of new leads and also conversion of existing leads.

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