Core Banking

What is Core

Core Banking Solution is networking for various bank branches through a reliable IT Infrastructure designed on a centralized system to allow customers to operate their bank account and other functions like transaction accounts, mortgages and payments from any device.

What does it do?

The Core Banking Solution ensures precise and error-free delivery of banking and financial services to customers thus increases the bank's performance and efficiency. CBS minimizes the operational cost; and allows banks to offer products and services to customers at competitive prices.

CBS Banking

Why CBS Matters?

  • Helps improve records and documentation management by having centralized database results in a quick collection of data and MIS reports.
  • Simplify processes like submission of reports to the government and regulatory boards like RBI, NABARD, etc.
  • Reduce unnecessary disabilities and premature deaths due to proper medical data insights.
  • Retention of customers by providing better and personalized customer experience through a branch, ATM, and interactive voice response.
  • Simplify processes like opening account, transferring cash, implementing changes to policies.

Main Technologies

API Core Banking Solution

API enabled cloud-based Core Banking Solution integrates easily with other business applications and can be customized easily.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and Machine Learning allow the application to better forecast analytics to make data-driven informed decisions.


Blockchain-enabled Core Banking Software maintains transactions on blocks, making it impossible to tamper.

Think What's Next?

Adopt an Intelligent, Safer and Technology-driven Core Banking Solution.

AYN InfoTech - A trusted partner for banks and private societies offers its flagship product to simplify and automate various mundane tasks. Oak CBS is the outcome of innovative thinking and the best blend of technologies that provide a user-friendly application that re-defines the way bank works.