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Creating a personalized experience in the digital era to enhance the customer journey.

Building an Online Heaven


Today, digital shopaholic people are seamlessly moving from online to offline channels, as these channels' services and experiences are getting blurred. The retail sector is undergoing major disrupting changes as the power of balance is shifted towards customers. "Customer experience" is the key to success for any industry. The retail sector focuses on creating a better customer experience and has to leverage various technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and blockchain. Today's need is to provide a platform for a better user experience for both customers and retailers by aligning products and customer data efficiently.

AYN InfoTech helps retailers and wholesalers understand the shopper's behavior better to uncover business opportunities globally for boosting their business. Our robust digital platform powered with the best technologies like AI and Blockchain enable retailers and wholesalers to serve customers better digitally.

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Pine CRM Software Services

Enhance Customer Experience with Pine CRM.

Pine Customer Relationship Management software enhances user experience and automates sales and marketing processes.

Pine CRM
Walnut ERP Software Services

Simplify business complexity with Walnut ERP

Walnut Enterprise Resource Management Software provides you with optimum visibility and insights into the supply chain.

Walnut ERP