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Telecom Revolution


In the ever-changing world, where 'change' is only constant, communication forms the major backbone of the digitalized world. Telecom Services provide always-on connectivity and infinite bandwidth for a seamless transition of services so that consumers can learn, explore, communicate, and entertain. Communication is essential in private as well as in the public sector. Telecom services support public service and provide a seamless network to various healthcare, transportation, utility, and banking industries.

AYN InfoTech comprehends telecom industrial challenges and has leverage technologies to offer products and solutions to enhance the telecom sector. We offer network solutions that meet the demands of digital consumers and enterprises. We brought digital transformation, which focuses on better network security for various services. AYN InfoTech enhances network performance by leveraging the latest technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IoT, and cloud computing. We also adopt Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defining Networking (SDN) for better network services. A robust and reliable network infrastructure manages all the data of the Internet of Things (IoT) efficiently as well as real-time convergence of data, video, and voice.

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Pine CRM Software Services

Achieve Your Crucial Business Goals with Pine CRM

Pine CRM encourages you to win profitable customers with real-time customer updates and proper communication to build a stronger relationship.

Pine CRM
Oak CBS Software Services

Handle Your Data and Bills at Your Fingertips with Oak CBS

Oak CBS is Core Banking Solution, a high-capacity, flexible and scalable service for data management by leveraging technologies like IoT and MVNO.